At university I was fortunate enough to do majors in many of the sciences; physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, physiology, anatomy, and others. This was followed by a postgraduate honors degree in Biokinetics, a South African clinical movement based physical therapy. Additional studies in a naturopathic nutrition postgraduate diploma have been put on hold as I intend to rather follow a Masters route in the near future. I have engaged in my own meditation practice for the past 6 years, attended many silent meditation retreats, and have devoured much information related to meditation, neuroscience and ancient eastern philosophy. I worked as personal trainer throughout my studies, have clinical experience as a Biokineticist, and have also worked with a handful of sports teams from a fitness and conditioning perspective.

I now work as a Lifestyle Consultant with individuals, from high performing athletes to top level executives, who share my drive to operate optimally and with great awareness. I focus on building a solid foundation of health which uses lifestyle decisions and practices, to not only develop and nurture our physical vitality, but also to aid in our conscious self-actualization.


This website serves as the organised storage space for all that I wish to share regarding positive lifestyle transformation including nutrition, movement, and meditation. The focus on these practices is driven by the relevance of these health determinants. From a functional medicine perspective, our health is determined by the sum of interactions between us and many stimuli, or epigenetic influences. Of everything that plays a role, no 3 aspects of our existence are as inescapable, influential, yet manageable, as the way we eat, move and think. Understanding how to optimally and consciously engage with these actions is a primary theme across the lifestyle concepts covered on this website.

The triangle is a powerful shape and symbol. Drawing from triangular sacred geometric patterns, the above image outlines 3 smaller triangles housed within the larger, emphasised by the colours green at the bottom, blue in the middle, and grey at the top. Embedded is the theme of nutrition (green), supporting movement (blue), supporting meditation (grey). A transmutation of energy contained within nature, into physical movement and expression, directed toward conscious actualisation.


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